Miracle Seal-PRO
America's Finest Liquid Sealant

Miracle Cover Water-Based Waterproofing Sealant is a professional, penetrating
weatherproofing treatment, utilizing manufactured Silicone Rubber. Our Silicone Rubber has
been tested in actual use in all climates for over 40 years showing NO deterioration from
ultraviolet rays, ozone, salt spray, acid rain, etc. Also it has been tested in accelerated
weathering machines which show NO breakdown at over 100 years. This is a ONE coat
water-sealant which not only saves material cost, but saves the labor cost as well. Our Silicone
Rubber gives a 400% elongation which allows expansion and contraction, building movement,
temperature extremes, etc. The product has a very high perm-rate (this allows moisture-vapor
to escape while not allowing liquid to enter the surface).
Miracle Cover has material flexibility after curing which allows for expansion and contraction,
building movement, and  temperature extremes from ( -70 to + 400 degrees  Fahrenheit)


Water and Liquid Repellent - Miracle Cover is a one component white liquid with silicone
rubber dispersion which, when applied according to specifications, seals porous surfaces
making them resistant to penetration by water and other liquids with little or no change in color
or appearance.

Extra Strength - Miracle Cover in extra strength "Miracle Cover Marine" and "Graffiti Guard"
form fills voids in porous surfaces and minimizes the penetration and attachment of barnacles,
moss, and oils from marine vessels as well as the penetration of graffiti. Thus allowing the
removal of graffiti with an approved cleaner and low pressure water rinse without sacrificing
the anti-graffiti barrier. High pressure washing may be used for removal but will reduce the life
expectancy of Miracle Cover's water repellence and anti-graffiti barrier.

Miracle Cover has material flexibility after curing which allows for expansion and contraction,
building movement, and temperature extremes from ( -70 to + 400 degrees Fahrenheit).

MIRACLE COVER MARINE  is a water based, two coat silicone rubber solution. When properly applied, it
seals porous surfaces making them resistant to penetration  by water or other liquids while allowing air
to permeate the coating.
MIRACLE COVER MARINE saves not only material cost but labor cost as well.
There is  no need for maintenance or seasonal re coats that are typically required with other
conventional water repellents. Two applications of
MIRACLE COVER MARINE  will  substantially prolong
the life, beauty, and usefulness of any surface and it is  guaranteed to last five years. Now boat owners
can have long lasting protection from destruction by water, algae, barnacles, moss, rust, oils, and
ultraviolet rays. The value of your boat demands the protection of
apply. You can do it yourself or  have your boat yard do it at your next maintenance period.
 is now available in quart, gallon,  5-gallon, and 55-gallon units.

Specialized in the Marine Industry

Now owners of boats/vessels can count on maximum protection against the damages by sea water,
seaweed, moss, oil, salts, UV rays and more. This special formula contains double the silicone rubber
and has the ability to super seal porous and non-porous surfaces, avoiding penetration of water, liquids,
and oils while it allows the protected surfaces to breathe. Miracle Cover will save you costly charges of
repairs and continual maintenance. It does not reapplication which is typical of other products that are
seasonal. Two immediate applications will prolong the life and beauty of any surface.


It is guaranteed  to protect any porous surface up to 5 years.
It is an environmentally safe, non-toxic, water-based formula.
It is easy to apply with a brush, sprayer, or roller.
It is recommended and used by boat yards, marinas, boat manufactures, and owners.

                                   MIRACLE COVER MARINE Protects:
Wood, Sails, Hull, Fiberglass, Metal, Leather, Boat Trailers, Counter tops, Rubber,  Cables, Canvas, Cloth,
Decks, Galley, Ropes, Buoys, Upholstery, Tile and Grout,  Nylon, Carpets, Awnings, Covers, Inflatables
and more.

                                          MIRACLE COVER MARINE Performance:

MIRACLE COVER MARINE produces a clear penetrating film which does not discolor or degrade when
exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
MIRACLE COVER MARINE provides maximum water repellency for any porous surface and helps protect
them from salt spray and acid rain.
MIRACLE COVER MARINE can be mixed with paints and epoxy. When mixing with paints, the mixture is
one cup of

MIRACLE  COVER MARINE for every gallon of paint. When mixing with epoxy, the mixture is one quart of
MIRACLE COVER MARINE for every gallon of epoxy.


     Utilizing conventional machinery or cleaning agent when necessary, dirt wax or foreign matter shall
be thoroughly removed. All components shall be cleaned and, dry to ensure penetration adhesion of the
sealer. Cleaning can be accomplished by many deferent methods such as sandblasting, water blast or
other suitable method to clean the surface to receive the product. After cleaning the surface chemical
wash the substrate.

Miracle Cover Marine will not harm glass, aluminum, wood, plastic, or fiberglass but protective care
should be taken please cover all glass surfaces.


Drums or containers of sealer should be agitated prior to use in order to redisperse any solid materials
that have settled during storage.

Miracle Cover Marine shall be used as supplied by the distributor without the adding of any solvents,
catalyst, pigments or curing agents.

System application shall not commence outdoors during inclement weather or if a precipitation appears
imminent. Substrate should be dry for proper penetration.

Temperature Requirements are that Miracle Cover Marine must be applied   above 40F

It is always best to apply a small inconspicuous test patch to check for aesthetics and penetration. Apply
the proper product concentration, regular for all surfaces above the water line and extra strength on
surfaces below the water ling. Application can be accomplished with low pressure airless sprayer, brush
or roller.

     Above The Waterline: Two coats of Miracle Cover Marine Regular shall be applied to all boat
surfaces above the water line. Allow the initial coat to cure for one half hour before applying a second
coat. Allow the second coat to cure for not less than 24 hours to acquire proper substrate penetration.
After the 24 hours the boat can be placed into the water. When mixed with paint add 1-cup per gallon of
paint then cover the paint with one coat of Miracle Cover Marine Regular.

Below The Water line: On metal, or wood boat apply three coats of Miracle

Cover Marine Extra Strength in accordance to the following application instructions:

      1. Apply three coats allowing 1/2 hours between coats.

      2. The next day (afternoon) move pads and apply three coats on uncovered   

           areas 1/2 hour between coats

      3. Allow product to cure 48 hours before putting boat into water.

      4. When mixing with paint add 1-cup to gallon of paint then apply 2­

          coats of Miracle Cover Marine Extra Strength over the paint.

On Fiberglass Boats with gel coat bottoms three coats of Miracle Cover Extra Strength is required and
applied in accordance to the procedure indicated for wood and metal boats. For fiberglass boats or
boats with epoxy bottoms the following procedure applies:

  Four coats of Miracle Cover Marine Extra Strength will be required for long lasting protection.
Application: use an airless pressure sprayer utilizing a 66 tip or finer recommended.

Application Process: Numbers A & B below must be applied within a 24 hour period.

A) Day one (Afternoon): Apply two coats allowing 1/2 hour between coats.
B) Day two (morning): Apply two coats within 1/2 hour between coats.
C) Day three (afternoon): Move pads if required, apply 4 coats of product to uncooked areas leaving 1/2
hour between coats.
D) Drying time varies from two to four days. When dry product will feel rubbery but not sticky.

Vertical Surface Application should be applied with a six inch rundown. It may be applied either top to
bottom or bottom to top. Miracle Cover Marine Regular and Extra Strength can be added to paints and
some epoxy for extended life. Add one cup to each gallon of paint and one quart to the epoxy.

Upon the completion of all work the contractor/applicator shall remove all equipment, materials and
debris leaving the area in undamaged and acceptable condition.

Contractor/applicator shall clean all applicators of product with flushing with water.

Miracle Cover Marine shall not be applied in interior applications where a thermal vapor barrier is

Equipment and methods used in the application of Miracle Cover Marine shall be in accordance with
distributor instructions.

NOTE: Be Sure that the boat bottom is completely dry before returning to the water.


                                                        5-Year Warranty:
MIRACLE COVER INC.warrants this product to be free of defects in material and manufacturing for a
period of five years from the date of purchase. In the event of a claim  for warranty, MIRACLE COVER  
INC. will replace the product free of charge,  including freight, or at its option, refund the purchaser the
price paid as evidenced by the purchaser's receipt.
Miracle Cover ™: Marine
Miracle Concrete Color ™

Basic Use : Miracle Concrete Color is designed to  be a decorative and protective ad-mixture for Miracle
Cover which will provide attractive colored finishes and extended UV protection to concrete.

Composition : Miracle Concrete Color is a specially formatted  emulsion binder system which secures
pigment and UV stabilizing additive on the  exterior of the substrate.

Basic Use: Miracle Cover Super is designed to be waterproof and vapor retardant membrane for a
variety of surfaces including concrete (uncured) block, wood, and metal for a variety of
applications including decks, walls (both above and below grade), and water  retainment structures
such as rain gutters and numerous other items. Miracle  Cover Super is used in conjunction with
mesh or mat material for repairing  cracks, joints, and palled areas. It may also be utilized as a
waterproofing  adhesive for production/insulation board or tile and as a base coat for other
water-based surface wearing products.

Miracle Cover Super is a medium viscosity, water-based, polymer-modified anionic
biyuminous/asphalt emulsion, which exhibits exceptional bonding, elongation, and waterproofing  

Benefits: Performs as a vapor and water  barrier.
Non-hazardous, nontoxic, and nonflammable (VOC compliant).
Good tensile strength.
Excellent elongation and recovery.
Exceptional  bonding.
Not affected ponded water.

Limitations: Should be applied to clean and dry  surfaces.
Adjacent areas and surfaces should be protected from contact with the product.
Product should be applied above 40° F.
A test area should always be done to verify compatibility of substrate with product.
Solvent-based products should not be applied over this product.
During warm weather application in 10 mil layers is  recommended.
Miracle Cover Super should not be applied to cold tar and solvent based coatings.
Miracle Wood™ Stain

Basic Use: Miracle Wood Stain is designed to be a decorative and protective ad-mixture for Miracle
Cover which will provide attractive colored finishes and extended UV protection to the substrate.

Composition: Miracle Wood Stain is a specially formatted  emulsion binder system which secures
pigment and UV stabilizing additive on the  exterior of the substrate.

Benefits: Tenhances the appearance of many substrates.
Provides decorative and protective solution to weathering.
Provides extremely durable coloring surfaces.
Has extensive  breathe ability, allowing air to escape from substrate.
Provides excellent water-repelling characteristics for long term protection.
Has extended resistance to salts, chemicals, mildew, UV rays, and other liquids.

It should be applied to clean and dry surfaces for best results.
Adjacent surfaces should be protected from contact with the  product.
Should not be applied when inclement weather appears imminent.
Should not be applied where vapor barrier is required.
A test area should always be done to verify compatibility of concrete with product.  Excess material
should be brushed into the surface to prevent  slipperiness.
Paint adhesion after application may be difficult unless paint contains silicone.
Care should be taken over substrates containing water  soluble pigments.

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